The Writings of J.J. Winfree is personally moderated by J.J. Winfree, which takes hours of editing in order to present it in a user-friendly way.


Additionally, each story takes days, months, and even years in order to write. Stories which are made available to read for free on this site instead of being held ransom behind a paywall.

Making it a big investment to not only manage the platform, but provide content to users. Therefore, an endeavor requiring funds out of J.J. Winfree's pocket in order to provide.

A risky business thankfully less risky because of generous donations from site visitors. Which is easily made possible by pages on Patreon and Paypal dedicated solely to supporting J.J. Winfree.

And if donations cannot be provided, then I only ask for readers to promote this site to others, and to help spread the word. I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for visiting!

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